Dental Implants

Dr. Roy has taken several years of advanced training in Dental Implants and have provided long term successful Dental Implants with high esthetic results in number of patients. He use guided surgery which is planned digitally and allows a precise surgical placement of implants. An Implant placed in the centre of the missing tooth allows proper distribution of the chewing load and gives pleasant look.

Replacing teeth with Dental Implants is a better treatment than many other traditional methods. The implants are screw like structure which are placed within the jaw bone. The implants act like the roots of teeth and provide support to the crown (missing teeth). The results with dental implants look, feel and function like natural teeth.

When the tooth is removed the jaw bone collapses and continue to resorb over the time. Dental Implants retards the bone resorption and hence preserve facial profile.

The biggest advantage of dental implant over a conventional bridge is that the implant crown emerges outside the gum and is independently supported without the help of the adjacent teeth.

A traditional method of replacing the missing tooth is through Bridge where the artificial tooth is supported by adjacent teeth. Dental Implant is better than Bridge because there is no need to cut the natural teeth as is done for a bridge.

Dental Implants last longer than teeth supported bridge and are esthetically pleasing.

Advantages of Dental Implants

Preserve bone shrinkage

One of the biggest advantages of placing a dental implant is that it preserves our bone from shrinking to a significant extent. Bone underneath the denture or a conventional bridge has no function and as a result it reduces in size. Over the time, the denture becomes loose or the tissue underneath the bridge collapse and leads to esthetic and functional problems. The rate of this bone loss is reduced dramatically with implants.

Prevent damage to adjacent natural teeth

Conventional bridges takes support of adjacent natural teeth and in order to make a bridge the adjacent teeth needs to cut substantially. This may lead to sensitivity. Studies have shown that a significant number of cut teeth undergo necrosis over the time which may necessitate root canal treatment.

Fixed teeth

There are many instances where a conventional fix bridge may not be an option especially when molars are missing at the back. Only option in conventional treatment then would be to have removable partial dentures. Dental implants are ideal in those situations as one can have a fixed teeth.

Cost Benefit

Dental Implants can improve your smile and your smile is your best investment.

Confidence and psychological benefits

Knowing that we have replaced a missing tooth which is close to natural teeth in many ways boosts our confidence and self dignity.

Dental implants before crown placement

Completed dental implants

Replacement of a single front tooth

Replacement of multiple front teeth

Replacement of single or multiple back teeth