Gummy smile

About 5% of the population have gummy smile. When patient smiles excess of gum is visible. The upper front teeth appear shorter in height. It is commonly caused by a condition called as “Altered passive eruption”.

In childhood when teeth erupt normally the gums recedes to expose the crown leading to normal smile. When this process is disturbed, the gingiva does not recede and as a result the crown looks smaller in height and excess tissue is seen when the patient smiles.

We treat this condition at our clinic. To achieve symmetry in smile and gums, with the right diagnosis and technique the gummy smile can be treated. It may involve procedures like gingivectomy, lasers, open flap, apically positioned flap with ostectomy.

Patient can be confident when their smile. This treatment will have a huge impact on their psychological wellbeing in society and workplace.

The other causes of gummy smile can be shorter lips, bigger upper jawbone grown vertically down. All these needs proper evaluation.

Gummy smile before and after