Removable Implant Supported Denture

The biggest challenge with the conventional denture is that it is supported on gum tissue. Therefore, its chewing efficiency is only 20 to 30 percent as compared to natural teeth. As the time goes by our gums and the bone shrinks and the denture become loose and at times can be a cause of embarrassment in public. As the conventional denture is retained by our muscles, cheeks and gums they need a broad base and that is why these dentures covers the roof of the mouth with a plate, for extra support and retention.

The removable implant supported denture overcomes all the above drawbacks. They gain very good retention and support from the implants underneath. Furthermore, the implants do not allow the gum and the bone to shrink rapidly. The upper denture need not extend on the roof of the mouth with a broad plate and therefore one feels more natural while eating and talking. They also need less number of implants as compared to fix implant supported teeth and therefore costs less.

The removable implant supported dentures gives good esthetics as they support lips, cheeks and shows right amount of gum and teeth. Some of the patients may have lost so much of bone over the time that the implant supported fix bridge will not be able to replace the lost bone and gum and may look unnatural. The removable implant supported dentures, however, can overcome these draw backs.

The removable implant supported dentures are basically anchored to Implants in two ways-

1. With the clip on type of attachments called locators.

2. Bar is seated on the implants and the denture gets anchorage from the bar.

Both the types of the dentures gives high level of satisfaction for chewing and aesthetics to the patient.

Removable Implant Supported Denture