Receding Gums and Tissue Graft

Gum plays important part in the esthetic of teeth and face. It is like a curtain which covers the roots of teeth and gives proper length to the crowns. The receded gums (lost tissue) can make the tooth appear longer and shows spaces between teeth.

Gum recession is treated with gum grafts. There are various techniques and materials used with gum grafts.

Periodontists are trained to perform fine plastic surgeries. At Perio Dental, we use minimal invasive techniques based on current research, using microscope and fine instruments which results in a very natural looking gums and smile.

Connective tissue graft

Tissue is taken from the roof of the mouth and grafted in deficient area. This procedure is highly predictable and provides natural looking tissue. Unlike in the past when it was a painful healing process, today with micro surgical fine instruments and sutures the wound is covered by the outer skin. This makes virtually painless healing and also leads to enhanced esthetics.

Allograft or Xenograft

An alternative to using tissue from the roof of the mouth (autograft) is to use the donor tissue like acellular dermal matrix derived from humans (Allograft) or animal products (Xenograft) such as mucograft. The results of this is very close to the autograft (connective tissue). These materials are processed with sophisticated techniques in the lab and is safe. The results of allograft is equally effective with the added advantage of avoiding second surgery on the palate.

Lateral pedicle graft

Tissue is transplanted from adjacent site. Some times a combination of connective tissue graft or allograft and lateral pedicle graft is recommended for best results.

Bio Engineered materials

The Results of grafting procedures can be further enhanced with the addition of biological engineered materials such as EMD (Emdogain) The roots and the tissue are treated with proteins, derived from developing teeth buds of animals or growth factors which can stimulate the body cells to grow in the deficient area.

Receding gums before and after